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All education depends upon the educator. The best teachers emphasize relationship, not management. Although adults always have the power to coerce children, true caring for the nature of the child requires trust (Miller 1990). Authenticity of the educator means the willingness to question himself or herself and move beyond control or management into genuine relationship. Dillon (2002) offered a great example from his research about a teacher who heard the voice of her own parents coming through as she spoke down to her students.

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Is What We Teach Education can be transformed only by transforming the educator. (Krishnamurti 1981) Since the child’s consciousness develops in relationship with others, it is incumbent upon the educator to take great care to become aware of the child’s worldview. Moreover, who we are in our own consciousness strongly affects our students … and is the Volume 24, Number 4 (Winter 2011) 19 underpinning of all that we do with them. Because who we are is what we teach.

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Education involves how the child is exposed to the process of learning, which is central to the consciousness of the learner. Entering the child’s worldview needs to be central to any educational process that claims to focus on the child because the child is the perceiver, the meaning-maker, the knowledge creator, and the learner. It is within the consciousness of the child that the learning occurs. Engaging the learning in developmentally appropriate communication creates an environment in which educator has resonance with the student.

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