We are a group of healthy people helping each other to become even healthier every day.

Since our humble beginning in 2000, we’ve considered ourselves quite honored and blessed to provide our life-changing, eco-friendly wellness products, and services to tens of thousands of customers around the world. We thank you for the opportunity to serve you! May God bless you and your family always!!
– Krishna Kitchen 4 Kids

Our History

In 2000, we started as Power From The World with the initial goal of providing innovative, high quality, environmentally friendly, and life-enhancing products which were previously sold by wellness Corporations we affiliate with and support it.  In an effort to continue providing our many customers with freshly produced, enhanced and high-quality products, our Research and Development (R&D) division contacted and aligned our company with many of the original home base International Corporation manufacturers, formulators and developers as well as other innovative, reputable, and quality-oriented manufacturers. After several years of impressive growth and evolution, we expanded our company and product lines and became known as House of Wisdom. The House of Wisdom Organization essentially dedicate all source and knowledge as open sources for our communities worldwide giving alternative ways to optimize the healing process through arts, music and alternative medicines No Invasives with a common fusion from the orient and the occident  ancestral knowledge, putting in practice in the modern life, giving a greatest life, enjoying your health and helping each other in our daily bases. Being healthy means “Healthy Life” and is based on the Latin words vita (meaning life) and salus (meaning health, is a  well-being, or wellness). The name Vitasalus is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to provide high-quality, healthy and environmentally safe products which help our customers live a healthier and happier life.


Our mission today and for many decades to come, is to provide our many valued friends, families, and customers a convenient source for world-changing health and eco-friendly products which help them live healthier and longer lives while impacting our planet in a positive way. We at Krishna Kitchen appreciate that we all truly want safe and healthy products for our families and loved ones, but are often too busy and unsure how and where to find these products. To that end, our R&D division is constantly seeking out new manufacturers of exceptional, innovative products to enhance and expand our many product lines.

Geographical Coverage

We are honored and proud to serve a rapidly expanding customer base which is spanning the globe….from the continental U.S., Hawaii, Virgin Islands, Trinidad, Alaska, United Kingdom, and Africa to other countries including: Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Belize, Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Italy, Poland, France, Turkey, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, Russia, Dubai, Ethiopia, India, Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, and many more.


We ship products almost anywhere in the world and are committed to shipping our customers’ orders the same day or within 24 hours so that they may be delivered as quickly as possible—generally within 3 to 5 business days. Internationally may take longer. We even ship overnight for customers that require their products sooner. We also provide automatic UPS Shipping Notification via e-mail so that each customer can track their shipment.

Thank you!

Krishna Kitchen use these life-enhancing and world changing products ourselves and feel very honored and blessed to be able to provide them to you and all of our other valued customers!

All of us at Krishna Kitchen thank you for visiting our website today and we look forward to serving you today and for many decades to come! God bless!!

Our Krishna Kitchen Projects:

Afterschool Holistic Kids Programs

We love to support many projects in town, especially the holistic educations for Kids. Artist and healers together Giving back to Kids, our next generation, we offer ways to learn and practice the art of  love, and service heart to heart. Offering after school programs free of charge for  Arts, Music, Alternative Medicine and healing courses at the early age,  giving the opportunity to become the magician they want to be from inside out and live it 100% with Joy, Bliss in the mood of service to God and each other. 


A Call to Stop Visual Pollution in Vrindavan


Krishna Kitchen is an operation of Food for Life Global, the world’s largest international vegan/vegetarian food relief organization, specialized in emergency relief and event catering.  This summer we are launching an awareness campaign at various progressive events to promote sustainable and holistic living.

In 2004 Food for Life was one of the first response teams for the Tsunami in SE Asia, and the first response team for Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Since then Food for Life has provided food relief all over the world cooperating with the UN, the Red Cross, and other NGO’s. FFL has led relief efforts in the war zone of Groznyy, Sokhumi, and Sarajevo and in 1998, volunteers helped thousands in Nicaragua and Honduras after Hurricane Mitch.

Foods for Life’s successful missions have led to the distribution of over 700 million meals. That’s five meals every second! Beyond these efforts, Food for Life exists as a catalyst for others by assisting its affiliates with money, advice, coordinating volunteers and creating new programs.

“Give someone a meal and you feed them for a day. Show them how to cook and you feed them for life. Food for Life seeks not only to feed people, but also educate people on healthy cooking practices so they can nutritionally feed themselves and others for a lifetime with minimal ecological side effects.”

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