10 ayurvedic soaps – cruelty-free – free chemistry – purification

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  • Handmade
  • Materials: cow dung, milk, curd, ghee, yogurt
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Product Description

Wholesale box, 100 units,

Mint, melon and Palash

Bath cool

crystals mint are anti – inflammatory agents. Remove marks from pimples and helps clarify and soften the skin. Melon is an anti oxidant and helps slow the skin aging. Flores Palash cool the body and nourish the skin.


Menta, melons and Palash flowers


Menta, melons and Palash

A box of 10 soaps

1 soap is 75 gms

If you want different flavors in a system, please send me a message.

1. Sandalwood
2. orange
3. lavender and fennel
in April. citronella & Awla
5. spices and ghee
in June. neem
7. turmeric and thyme
in August. basil
9. Himalaya flowers

50% of the proceeds going to a charity


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