Blue Apatite Heart’s Stone Designed

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Quick Overview

Precious Satori
Eternal Collection
Each design is One of a kind
Art form
Semi precious stone hearts handmade & polished from Madagascar wired in14K filled gold wire with a 14K gold-filled chain & clasp.
Beautiful gemstones embellish each heart, amethyst, blue topaz,green tourmaline & watermelon tourmaline ,citrine,pink
The length of the chain is 18in. – 30 in. Special orders will be charged accordingly. ( do to the fluctuation of gold prices)
Plum Agate – with citrine stones -the semi -precious stone energizes the third chakra & attracts inner and outer abundance.

It is a wonderful  Blue Heart Stone, designed with blue little stones to increase the power of communication.

It is a healing stone treasure that will increase the vibration of communication, good loving talk, bringing you the awareness in any situation in life responding in a proper way to keep your balance and energy in the right place…appreciation is the way to elevate your spirit.

It is a piece to carry on as much as you feel you need in order to go forward in life with great communication.

by Glorious Hammer


Product Description


Blue Apatite Stone…

Stimulates Deep Meditation and Spiritual Attunement


Natural Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite is a strong stone to aid the development of psychic gifts, and its energy also helps spiritual attunement.

It will assist you with lucid dreaming and astral travel, and it encourages you to be of service in a more humanitarian way.

It helps you accept yourself as you really are, and to gain greater self confidence.

Its metaphysical properties work through both the third eye chakra and throat chakras. It will stimulate the growth of the gift of clairvoyance or psychic visions.

Where Is It From… Apatite Meaning

Although Apatite stone is found in quite a few locations, the main places that the blue stone comes from is Madagascar, Russia, Brazil and India.

It can occur as prismatic crystals or in the massive form. Blue Apatite’s color may be a clear blue or blue-green, and they may also be a quite deep, dark almost navy blue color. Some of mine were sold as Teal Apatite, so look for that if you can’t find them.


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