Natural Perfumes & Single notes

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Personality Types create for your individual Aroma Essence for Goddess blends.

I am looking forward to co-create unique essences for all Goddess in the universe.

Preferences: the floral scents jasmine,rose,neroli, ylang-ylang, tuberose, honeysuckle are indicated by the personality that is feminine, easy-going and lovable.

Are you drawn to floral aromas?

The fruit scents from the peeled orange, bergamot tangerine, grapefruit mandarin, lemon appealing to those that are creative, entertaining also bring out the inner child.

Are you drawn to the fruit aromas?

The resin scents frankincense, myrrh resonate with deep emotions and healing.

Are you drawn to resin essence?

The spices scents cinnamon,clove, and nutmeg adding a little excitement to one’s life for adventurous souls. Are you drawn to spices?
The seed taste & aromas cumin,carrot, caraway are the deep thinkers.
Are you drawn to the seeds?
The root scents vetiver, spikenard, ginger are grounded and spiritual
types. Are you drawn to the roots essence?
The wood scents sandalwood, cedarwood beckon to friendly, self-assured meditation types. These oils are wonder meditation.
Are you drawn to the wood essence?

The herbal scents basil, rosemary,sage, people who are down to earth and soulful enjoy the aroma. Are you drawn to the herbal essence?


Product Description

Presenting Glorious Perfumery
Natural Perfumes & Single notes

1A Neroli – heart shape bottle blue & frost & red tassel 10mi. oz.-  – named after a princess of Nerola in Italy. Neroli an aphrodisiac & anti-depressant(leaf shape bottle 10mi.)

2B Rose de Mai – heart shape bottle blue & frost & red tassel 10mi. – Rose is associated with Venus, the Goddess of love & beauty (leaf shape bottle 10mi.)

3C- Sambac Jasmin – heart shape bottle blue & frost & red tassel 10mi.
– Jasmine produces a feeling of euphoria(leaf shape bottle 10mi.)

4D- Patchouli – heart shape bottle blue & frost & red tassel 10mi.
aphrodisiac & deep notes rather earthy (leaf shape bottle 10mi.)

5 E Bergamot -heart shape bottle blue & frost red tassel 10 mi.
Bergamot has a refreshing & uplifting quality.

6 F- Tuberose – heart shape bottle blue & frost red tassel 10mi.
Mistress of the night, sultry & mystical (leaf shape bottle 10mi.)

7 G- Ylang Ylang – extra heart shape bottle blue & frost red
tassel 10mi.  flower of flowers is an aphrodisiac(leaf shape bottle 10mi.)

8H- lavender – heart shape bottle frost & blue red tassel 10mi.
– Lavender contains a beautiful floral aroma relaxing(leaf shape bottle 10mi.)

9I- The Goddess – Base note Patchouli , sam bac jasmine, Tobacco, amber oil fossilized-heart note, cassie absolute, rose absolute-top note bergamot- – leaf shape bottle with green tassel- 10mi bottle (leaf shape bottle 10mi.)
Venus in a bottle

10J – “ Bouquet of Love” – pink crystal heart shape bottle with a white crystal stand in a white satin box 5 ml. Bottle rose & jasmine- perfume – $70.00 mystical

11k – “Bouquet de Fleurs” – classic spray bottle 2.6 fl oz – top notes Rose, Jasmine sambal, heart notes Ylang –Ylang ,black currant bud, base note patchouli – enchant garden of memoirs-

(Prices subject to change due to the fluctuation price of raw material)

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