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    Precious Satori Eternal Collection
    Each design is One of a kind Art form

    Divine tiger stone Heart piece, it is great for your power chakra, you will feel more enthusiastic and secure by the power of will.
    It is an energetic heart designed with pure gold 14 characters. Tiger Eye – Golden tiger eye brings good luck and prosperity to the user.
    Tiger eye works well with the sacral chakra to bring spiritual grounding.

    Semi precious stone hearts hand made & polished from Madagascar wired in14K filled gold wire with a 14K gold filled chain & clasp.
    Beautiful gem stones embellish each heart, amethyst, blue topaz,green tourmaline & watermelon tourmaline ,citrine,pink
    The length of the chain is 18in. – 30 in. Special orders will be charged accordingly. ( do to the flucation of gold prices)
    Plum Agate – with citrine stones -the semi -precious stone energizes the third chakra & attracts inner and outer abundance.

    Rose Quartz – symbolizes love, beauty & harmony. It is a perfect gift for spreading compassion and gentle understanding throughout he world.
    Associated with the heart chakra.

    It a jewelry to collected and treasure all your live, also it is a tool as a healing process to go forward in life. Designed by Glorious Hammer

    A golden-brown banded variety of quartz that exhibits chatoyancy, or the “cat’s eye effect”–a luminous streak that moves as you rotate the stone.
    Faceting tiger eye tends to dull the effect.

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